Monday, 2 June 2008

Great Day, Lucky Day (2nd of June)

I decided to use a language which I am comfortable with but not good at to express what I felt today. Firstly Prof. Tony Leggett aka Nobel Laureate finally took him precious time to reply my long email. I was nearly cried out and screamed in front of my computer. My principal saw it and came over, asking what happened to me when I cried "YES!!!".

The answer from him on what I had consulted him 2 weeks ago was neither positive nor negative. In fact he agreed with my ideas on some of the answers to some of my self-answeed questions. To me this considers as a recognition from Nobel Laureate. It makes me thrilled and at the same time I think that the mind of this old gentleman are still very fresh and diligent. I hope I can discuss my questions and my views with him in face again. I had met him twice in NUS and we ended up with a very happy and delighted conversation. Humble, honest yet knowledgeable, he answered what he knew, while he would definitely say "I have no idea" if he had no knowledge on a particular field.

Secondly I got my Advanced Placement Physics B syllabus approved. I submitted last friday and I received the approval this morning in my mailbox. I am the first who received the approval from Collegeboard for the first attempt ( I presume) and I am the first one who received the approval for only 2 - 3 days in the history of Pacific American School. My colleagues who submitted early, got rejected and resubmitted again and the other one still under pending were either envy or "jealous" with me. All of us were very surprised, including my principal.

Not forgot to mention, Beng Thye Brian, Tan, my classmate aka best friend in my class in NUS came and visited me in Taipei on Saturday. We talked a lot about what we had experienced for the past two years in Singlish. I noticed the lady on the far next table were peeping at us, when she overheard our "singlish" conversation. She was either interested on one of us or felt that she saw two weirdos. Compared to previous conservations that we had during our time in NUS. I felt that two of us had indeed grown up and progressed. In another sense, it means we are both mature.

Sometimes I wonder if he is a devil sent by God. He seems to know me well eventhough I did not tell him a lot of things. I barely expressed myself well to him when I was in NUS. Most of the time He guessed and asked if what he had guessed correctly. If the situation was totally devastating, I would speak to him in chinese then he would speak to me in English. Well, Most of the time I find it terrifying when he guessed correctly. To some extends I think I might be "simple-minded" to him as I write my expression of my feeling easily on my face. The most terrifying thing happened on that table at that night, he revived (guessed correctly) the classmate that I am interested throughout four years of undergrads (I did not go after her as she was devoted to her "attachment" at that time). I did not tell anyone, not even to him. I am still wondering how he picks up the information or the hints from my body language.

Anyway I think It is a happy day for today. It's God's grace for whatever that happened to me today. Rejoice to Gloria of the Christ, siting on the throne at the Heaven. At the same time, Thanks for the lucky star, Brian. To some extends, you are my 貴人。Thank you for the wonderful night and meal.

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